Cat Lounge Guidelines

Interaction Guidelines

 1. Respect the cats.
Review our “cat body language” graph to tell when a cat is scared,  uncomfortable, or needs space. If a cat walks away, allow them to rest away from the group.


2. Allow the cats to approach you.

Often being still and quiet is most inviting. Please do not pick them up.


3. Cats sleep a lot!
Cats need anywhere from 12-16 hours of sleep a day. So if a cat is sleeping, please let them rest. 


 4. Cats must stay in the cat lounge.

When entering and exiting the cat lounge, please be aware of the doors and any kitties trying sneak out! We do have two doors between the café and the lounge, but it is important to keep the cats behind both of them. 


 5. Never punish a cat.
Leave the area if a cat is choosing an undesired behavior, or let a staff member know if it becomes an ongoing problem.


 6. Children must always be accompanied by an adult.
We allow children to visit as long as they are with an adult in the cat lounge. We ask that guardians stay with their children while interacting with the cats. Guardians are responsible for the actions of their minors and should make sure they follow the rules.

*Staff of Black Forest Cat Café reserve the right to remove anyone from the room who is disrespecting or putting the animals in danger. No refunds will be issued.

COVID Precautions

 1. Practice safe social distancing.
We ask that all guests, unless they are in the same party, keep a safe distance apart from one another.

 2. Keep hands clean.
We provide hand sanitizer while entering and exiting the cat lounge.

 3. If you have symptoms of COVID-19,
We ask that you please stay home and reschedule your visit.