About Us

Our Mission

Save the lives of cats while giving the community a fun place to meet and adopt them.

At the Black Forest Cat Café, we want to reduce the number of cats in shelters by helping them find their forever homes. We do this by giving cats a safe, cage-free place to stay, and by allowing people to visit and adopt them in a fun environment.

Why Cat Cafés are Important

Helping People

  • Spending time with cats can relieve stress, loneliness and grief.
  • A fun and unique place to study,  socialize or just relax.
  • The chance to be around cats without the commitment of ownership.

Helping Cats

  • A cage-free environment to explore and rest until they are adopted. 
  • Allows cats’ unique personalities to shine through.
  • The Café and Social Media gives cats lots of exposure to find the perfect person for them.

Helping The Community

  • Takes stress off of overpopulated  local shelters.
  • Accessibility for all ages and abilities.
  • Provides a meeting place for support groups and other local communities.

The Cat Crew

Black Forest Cat Café is a local business started by a Mother & Daughter in Fort Wayne, Indiana. After visiting Cat Cafes around the world and watching the number of stray cats in our city grow, we were inspired to open Fort Wayne’s first Cat Café!


I'm the founder of BFCC. I stepped away from a 25 year nursing career in our community to start a dream come true of working every day with my family, cats and coffee!


I'm the co-founder of BFCC and help with the artwork/design!! When I'm not at the Café I like going outdoors, taking care of my plants, cuddling my cats and playing video games.


I'm currently a student at Salon Professional Academy for cosmetology. I love people, cats, and coffee!


I'm a Senior at Carroll High School and in my free time I enjoy going to the Gym and playing video games with my friends. I am pursing a career as an Electrician in the Anthis program.


I'm a Senior in high school and I love watching movies my sister! I have two cats named Sol and Navi (pictured). My favorite drink is an Iced Chai with a LOT of cinnamon. My favorite thing to do is spend time with my favorite person, my big sister.



I absolutely love being a barista, and cats are my favorite. So what is better than a job working at a cat café? When I am not at the café, I am teaching dance to my amazing students.



Hi everyone! I'm a crazy cat lady who loves to craft. My favorite drink is the Apple Pie Chai!



This is me and my baby Endymion. I'm a huge nerd and I love music. I go to concerts religiously!



I am currently a junior at PFW studying biology! My two cats Buddy and Zato are my study buddies. I spend my free time playing video games and relaxing with my cats!



I have three cats: Daphne, Penelope, and Gracie. I enjoy listening to music, reading, and being around my family! I recently graduated from high school, and plan to continue my education.